Supetar is village at the north coast of island Brac. Supetar is administration, economic and tourist centre. It is the enter gate of island. Besides the harbour is there landing the ferry from Split. Village offers lot of tourist attraction.

Long beaches between the village Mirca at west and Splitska at east are sandy and around are pines trees. In the Romans epoch was the village located at peninsula, where is presently the cemetery.In the late Middle Ages was developed new village around the smaller bay Sveti Petar. Supetar is a typical Adriatic town with the great location. The church of St. Petar from year 1743 is located in the centre. Near the village Donji Humac, on the south from village Supetar is situated church of St. Ilija from 10th and 11th century.
Supetar - Mausoleum of Petrinovič familySupetar - Mausoleum of Petrinovič family
Supetar - Mausoleum of Petrinovič family